The World’s second tallest modular building at 20 storeys high in total, 17 storeys being Modular. 

This masterpiece is located close to Wembley Stadium in north London. 

The completed building showing  the north & South elevations on the images on the right.

This project was the first to use extra-long modules that included two study bedrooms and a double corridor so that the construction process required minimal on-site work to the modules.

Derrick McLean Managing Director of DMC Global Construction was the Modular Construction Manager, on this project, Managing the on site Modular install/erection for the whole project on Futureforms behalf.

The project was built for client Victoria Hall and is a student residence building for the University of North London. 

It consists of a slip formed concrete core and slab construction with a circular floor plan. 

The north, east and west modular ‘wings’radiating from it.
The west wing consists of 16 storeys of modules on a single storey concrete podium level and the north and east ‘wings’consist respectively 4 and 6 storeys of modules on a two storey concrete podium. 

The building consists of 278 study bedrooms, of which 80% are in modular form located in three wings and 20% are built on site within the concrete core, and also 52 communal kitchen/lounges in modular form.

The bedroom modules were 14m long 2.7m wide comprising two 5.7m long rooms and a double corridor for fire and acoustic separation. 

The lounge modules were 7m long 3.8m wide and provided communal space for 5 study bedrooms on each face of the wings.

A total of 130 long bedroom modules and 52 kitchen/lounge modules was installed over a 15 week period. 

The services were connected along the corridors and the modules were delivered with additional boards to allow the corridors to be finished off after services where completed.

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