Box Ridge Homes 

Box Ridge Homes Limited, are the property development & investment partner company, focused on the United Kingdom's, residential housing sector. 


We are currently delivering some of the most innovative developments all across the United Kingdom. 


Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the analysis, design & execution of all our residential housing projects.

We at Box Ridge Homes, partner with consultants & funders who share our commitment to delivering market leading residential housing projects all over the United Kingdom. 

Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals have a proven track record in a wide range of complexed residential property development's, nationally.


We deliver value through a combination of rigorous analysis, hands on management and innovative design.


We strive to have a positive and lasting impact on the United Kingdom's built residential housing environment, building homes for resident's to live in the best environment.


Yours Sincerely


Box Ridge Homes Limited 

Sinckot House,

211 Station Road,

Harrow, England,


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