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At DMC, our Construction Management services are tailored made to suit your Project's needs.

Our services include worldwide Construction Management, Project Management & Principal contractor services. 


What we do at DMC, is that we utilise a wide range of volumetric Steel framed construction solutions, to suit whatever your site conditions may dictate to you.


For example -


Sites where space to build may be virtually non existent, may lend itself to go down the Modular Steel Frame route perhaps. 


Or we may perhaps put forward a Penalised Steel framed solution or Light gauge Steel Stick build solution.


DMC, also deliver your everyday traditional build construction solutions, to suit your needs if the is your preferred route. 


DMC, have been involved in projects throughout the UK for many years & have also been involved in projects globally on both residential and commercial schemes.

Our construction experience has given us an understanding of the key requirements needed in today's projects and work places.


For example:-

•  Understanding the Client/Customer
•  Project Cost Control
•  Efficiency of Labour and Materials use
•  Quality of both the Work and the Completed Build

 Please don't hesitate to contact us via email or by Landline with your enquiries.


We will then come back to you with the view to work together with you to come up with the most cost effective & practical building solution to suit your proposed building project needs large or small.


Yours Sincerely


D McLean  - MD


for & behalf of


DMC Global Construction Ltd 


& Partnering Developer companies.